Steve and Stacey: taking the plunge

An understatement - I’m not really a morning person. So when I found out that we had to be to the airport for 3 am I quickly decided that an all-nighter was going to be  necessary. Punta Cana was worth it. A far cry from their chilly fall engagement shoot.

Dreary eyed I wheeled my two bags and  carried my backpack filled with camera gear through Lester B. Pearson International Airport finally reaching Steve and Stacey standing next to our check in line. Stacey’s energy and enthusiasm was remarkable given the hour (Steve’s was good too I guess :P). and so began a series of introductions.... 80 or so in fact. Steve and Stacey’s family and friends responded in remarkable fashion for their destination wedding!

Together we all stayed at the beautiful Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana. The weather was gorgeous for the entire week...EXCEPT for the morning of the wedding. It was scary to wake up to torrential downpours; however, miraculous the skies parted 30 minutes before our portrait session was to begin. The Wedding was a gorgeous affair on the white sands of Punta Cana.

Through the week I was treated by the entire group as warmly as the first greeting Stacey gave me. Hours laying by the ocean and pool, dinners and late nights at the karaoke and disco....I really felt apart of the wedding.

Days after the wedding Stacey, Steve and I shot a “trash the dress session”. We woke early in the morning to get to the beach before it got too crowded. The sun was perfect and the water was cool. The two then courageously took the plunge into the resorts main pool. It gave me an opportunity to try out my new underwater camera enclosure!

The week was amazing filled with great times and varied shoots! I hope you will enjoy the photos at least just a fraction as much as I enjoyed the trip.

Congratulations to Steve and Stacey!

groom puts on repaird shirt


goom and brother think

Punta Cana Wedding

Trash the Dress time!

One more of me and the brave couple!

Also a special thanks to Jen at Lakeview Travel for organzing this awesome trip. If you are looking for a great travel ageant talk to Jen!

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