Nicole and Jordan: celebration after the storm

Does anybody remember that storm we had this past summer? You know the one? Crazy thunder and lightning wind and tornado warnings and everything? Well My second shooter and I drove through that on the way up to Port Dover for Nicole and Jordan’s wedding. We both made it safe and sound through that fracas just in time to settle in for the night before this lovely couple’s wedding!

The next morning started with a little bit of a reminder from the night before. It was raining and a bit of wind was left. I drove over to the salon that Jordan’s parents own. Nicole and her bridesmaids were just getting started as I pulled in. Such a great group of girls. They made this bald guy feel right at home.

Eva, my second shooter for the day, started a little while later with the boys at the house next door! It was nice that everything was rather close together!

The girls and I headed out of the salon so they could gather at another nearby house to finish their preparations. The rain was still holding on but it was nothing umbrellas couldn't cure!

The weather finally broke and soon the sun began to shine! By the time we made it to the church the sun was in full effect. The couple shared a lovely ceremony together and people celebrated with them as the headed out the door.

For our portrait session we headed to the shores of Lake Erie. Compared to the night previous, the weather was nothing to complain about BUT it was really hot. Like thank goodness we had umbrellas to keep the sun off of us hot, but that didn’t stop Nicole or Jordan.

The natural beauty of the location was more than enough for portraits! We then whisked off to the German Hall in the Town of Delhi for the reception. The hall held a special place of significance for the couple as Jordan’s parents had their reception there! Delicious food, some pretty sweet dance moves, a giant John Deere tractor costume, a crazy photobooth and some heartfelt speeches made for a wonderful evening.

Jordan and Nicole are incredibly nice and fun. I really enjoyed working with them and getting to know them! I’m so happy to share these selections from their special day!

wedding day preparations at salon picture in mirror

hiar curls wedding preparations at salon

wedding day preparations at salon hair curled

salon pictures Niagara Wedding Photographer

make-up pictures from salon

braided hair wedding day prep Niagara Wedding Photographer

eye shadow wedding preparations

eye shadow pallet Wedding day preparations

hair styling wedding preparations picture in mirror

eye shadow wedding preparations

lip painting Niagara Wedding Photographer

hair curls salon picture wedding preparations

eye liner bridal party preparations

bridal party at salon

groom's suit

wedding photographer

groom's tie

bridal jewelry

groom's tie

attaching bride's veil at salon

grrom's attire

bridal party at salon

mother's earrings

bridal party leaving salon in limo

ring Niagara wedding photographer

chess board with wedding band

groom's mother helping with suspenders

groom's mom and dad helping with suspenders

groom's mom and dad helping with suspenders

groom putting on shoes

groom tying shoe laces

bead work on bride's dress

groom and mother during wedding day preparations

bead work on bridal gown

mom adjusting groom's tie

groom and mother during wedding day preparations

groom's mother buttoning vest

bridal gown

bridal gown Niagara wedding photographer

back of wedding gown

groom posed in bedroom

groom Niagara Wedding Photographer

front of bridal gown

bead work on bridal gown

father buttoning groom's suitcoat

groomsmen in wedding day preparation

bridal gown

bridal gown hung on side of shed

bride's shoes

bride's shoes

groom Niagara wedding photographer

bridal shoes

groom posed outside

bridal shoes

bridal shoe's sole

protrait of groom

bridal shoes, dress and bouquet

bridal shoes, bouquet and dress

groom and groomsman

bridal bouquet with roses

bride's jewelry and bouquet

bridal jewelry

groom and groomsmen

groom's suit

groom's siut

bride's earrings

groom and mother

ribbon wrap on bridal bouquet

bridal bouquet with roses

flowers of bridal bouquet

bridal bouquet

stem of bridal bouquet

bride sitting by window Niagara Wedding Photographer

bride and bouquet of roses

bride in mirror

lacing up bride's gown

lacing up bridal gown

bride's hands


lacing up bridal gown

bridesmaid with veil

lacing bridal gown

bride puts on earrings

bridal bracelet

bride leaving house

bride preparing to go to church

wedding entrances

groom being kissed by mom and dad

wedding entrances

entrance of groom at wedding

groom watches bridal party entrances

bridesmaid entrance

entrance of bride

Father and daughter come down the aisle

groom wipes away tear

bride and groom entrance to stage

wedding party at front of church

bride and groom exchange vows

bride and groom exchange vows

ushers at front of church

bridal party bouquets

groom during exchange of vows

bride and groom at front of church minster in background

bride and groom during wedding prayer

bride signs register

maid of honor signs register

bride and groom kiss

bride and groom greet parents while leaving the church

bride and groom exiting wedding ceremony

wedding party exiting ceremony

groom's parent exit wedding ceremony

bride and groom greet wedding guests

groom's parents greet wedding guests

bride and groom enter limo confetti the in air

groom's family photo

family photos after wedding ceremony

wedding party photo at lake front

wedding party photos at lake

usher portrait

bridesmaid portrait green folliage in background

bride and groom silhouette

bride and groom kissing lake in background

bride and groom on rock cliff

bridemaid bouquet with roses

bride and groom positioned on lake front

bride and groom in park beside lake

bride and groom walking through park cut stone in background

bride and grrom portrait in park

groom kissing bride's forehead

bride and groom on steps leading to lake

bride positione on rocks of shoreline

bride on water's edge Niagara Wedding Photographer

bride looking at bouquet while sitting on rocks of lake shore

bride and bridesmaid

bride and bridesmaids

bridesmaid bouquet of roses and heart shaped bracelet

bride and attendents with green foliage in background

bridal party dressed in champagne colored dresses

bridal party positioned in front of tree

bride and groom in arch

overhead view of bride and groom in arch Niagara Wedding Photographer

bride and groom dancing on brick patio

bride and groom kissing

bride and groom in archway

bridal bouquet with champagne colored roses

bride and groom portrait

wedding reception head table

decorations on head table of wedding reception

table setting at wedding reception

parents of groom entrance at wedding reception

attendents enter wedding reception

family entrance at wedding reception

attendemt enter reception

bridal party entrance to reception

creative entrances for bridal party to reception

bridal party wearing sun glasses during entrance to reception

reception entrance of bridal party

speeches at wedding reception

wedding cake and cupcake tree

wedding cake topped with flowers

dancing shoes

reception table flower arrangements

wedding reception table numbers

wedding recption seating plan

wedding reception wine bottles

wedding reception seating plan

wedding recpteion table number

wedding reception table decorations

carmel corn

reception hall ceiling decor

candy bar at wedding reception

wedding reception candy buffet

bride and groom at head table

bride siiting at reception table

bride and groom kissing during wedding reception

wedding reception speeches

groomsman at wedding reception

bride and groom pictured with reception hall sign

wedding party on chair ramp into reception hall

bridal party outside reception hall

wedding reception speech

bridesmaids at reception head table

wedding reception shoe game

wedding recption shoe game

ushers sitting at head table of reception

guest at wedding reception

guest at wedding recption enjoying speeches

Shoe game at wedding recption

wedding reception guest enjoy speeches

bride and groom enjoy power point show

bride's father's speech

bride and groom enjoy speeches

mother's wedding reception speech

bride enjoys reception speech

groom's parents speech

groom's parents greet bride after speech

bridesmaid speech

bride hugging bridesmaid following speech

groom's parents enjoy reception speech

usher's speech

bridesmaids enjoy reception speech

groom's recption speech

bride's recption speech

bride and groom kiss following reception speech

wedding guest

bride and groom kiss

bride and groom posed ready to cut wedding cake

bride feeds grrom wedding cake

bride and groom's first dance

first dance

first dance

first dance

bride and grooms first dance under canopy

first dance

bride and groom kiss following first dance

father daughter dance

father daughter dancd

father daughter dance under canopy

mother/son dance

groom and mother dancd

mother and son dance

wedding party dance

wedding party dance

reception dance

wedding reception dancing

seniors dance at wedding reception

bride and friends dance

reception dancing

reception dancing

groom prepares to get garder

bride tosses bouquet

wedding rings NIagara Wedding Photogrpher

Wedding rings

wedding reception photobooth

wedding reception photobooth

wedding reception photo booth

groom with photbooth guest



bride and groom in photobooth with guest

wedding reception photobooth

birde and groom with photographer in photobooth

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