Kara and Kevin: a mid-winter’s dream

Kara had a vision of a beautiful winter wedding. A nice dusting of snow, a beautiful venue, and a great party. She got everything she dreamed of and maybe a litttttttllleeee bit more than a dusting of snow.

It’s rare that I get to shoot in my hometown of Ridgeway, so I was relieved to know that my first location was literally right around the corner from my house. I was relieved because there happened to be a good 6 inches of freshly fallen snow from the night before and more coming down!

My second shooter for the day was none other than the very talented Jesse (from Jesse James photography) . He met up with Kevin and the boys and followed them during the morning.

Kara and Kevin’s mornings culminated in the exchange of vows at St. George’s Catholic Church before we whisked away to take a few photos at Mather’s Arch in Fort Erie. We may have underestimated the wind and the cold but we did get a few photos there before heading up the highway to the Old Stone Mill to finish up the rest of the photos and the reception.

Having known Kevin and Kara for quite a while, the evening was especially sentimental. I even had the chance to have Kate (my girlfriend) by my side at dinner! 

Hilarious speeches, a great job singing a “Piano Man” paraody by the best man and the groomsmen and some awesome dance moves made for a fantastic night!

I’m so happy for this couple. I can’t wait to see where life takes them! Cheers to Kara and Kevin!

make-up and hair wedding day preparations

bride's make-up

bride's eye shadow

bridesmaid make-up

groom's preparations

groom and groomsmen's preparations

groom's suspenders

bridesmaid's make-up

Niagara Wedding Photographer

groom adjusts tie

groom and ushers

bride and bridesmaids at salon

bride's gown

bride's gown with snow covered pines in background

bead work on bride's gown

back of bride's gown

bride's silver shoes

bride's shoes on table top

lacing up bride's gown

Niagara Wedding Photographer

bride in gown with bead work

groom and dad in snow

bride sitting on sofa in front of window

bridal portrait Niagara Wedding Photographer

bride and grandmother

bride comes out of house on snowy day

chancel of church

candles on altar

entrance of bride's mother

entracne of ushers

rolling out the carpet

groomsmen in snow

entracne of bridal party

groom watches entrance of bridal party

flower girl scattering pedals

ring bearers

entrace of bride and father

bride with veil and white hydrangeas

bride hugs father

bride and groom at front of church

bride and groom seated at church altar

wedding officials

bride and groom at church

wedding party at chancel of church

bride and groom kissing in snow at Mather's Arch

bride and groom at Mather's Arch Fort Erie Niagara Wedding Photographer

bride and groom at Mather's Arch in snow

bride and groom at Mather's Arch Fort Erie Snowflakes in the air

Niagara Wedding Photographer

Bridal Party with sunbeams in background

Bridal Party in winter with furs

bridal party in snow with furs

bride and groom kissing at Mather's Arch Fort Erie

bride and groom kissing with sun beaming on them

bride and groom portrait

bride and groom walking in snow covered path Niagara Wedding Photographer

Groom and ushers in snow

groom and usher with block wall behind

groom with ushers in background

bride and groom portrait on winter day with block wall behind

NIagara Wedding Photographer

bride and groom in standing in  front of block wall

groom with ushers in background shadows

wedding party women in furs standing in front of iron doors with block wall

wedding party on stairs

bride with parents

bride and groom with mother

bride and groom at top of staircase black and white photo Niagara Wedding Photographer

bride on staircase showing back of gown

bride and groom on winter's day in snow

groom and ushers with photographer

wedding cake with taupe accents

wedding cake topper

head table with hydrangea flowers

white hydrangea and roses table center pieces

reception tables in taupe and white hydrangea

table favors

wedding party entrance to reception

flower girl's entrance to reception

bride and groom's entrance to reception

wedding party at reception welcoming bride and groom

groom listening to speeches

bride and groom enjoy speeches

usher's songful entertainment

father of groom's speech and gifts to bride

father of groom's speech and gifts

bride's reaction to father of groom's gifts

groom's speech

groom's speech

bride and groom's first dance

first dance with back light

black an white of first dance with back light

father daughter dance

Mother son dance

wedding rings

bride and groom dancing

bride and groom cutting the wedding cake

reception dancing

bride with groomsmen in underwear

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