Brittney and Adam: the extra mile

Hard work and dedication doesn’t begin to describe the level at which Brittney and Adam were committed to making their wedding day special and unique. Beautiful decor, cotton candy, wonderful gifts and details, oh and they built a barn for their wedding. What’s that? you missed it? Yes, they completely re-made their property which included building a few structures to host their wedding. Hard to top that!

You may remember this couple from our wonderful adventure to Chantry Island for their engagement shoot. My second shooter Eva and I made our way up to Port Elgin once again for Brittney and Adam’s special day.

Mother nature didn’t really want to cooperate when it came down to weather that day but we fought through the rain to make our way up north.  We met up with Brittney and her girls at the salon. There was no stopping the wedding with a little rain and Brittney had the best attitude towards it. “If it’s going to rain, we’ll dance in it!” She’s pretty cool if you ask me. Brittney looked absolutely stunning in her gown! We took a few moments to take a few photos on her parents property before rushing off!

Eva soon left to meet up with the guys at the couple’s property. The boys were boys but made sure they got ready and the last minute errands run before they went and had some fun skeet shooting. Naturally keeping with the color palette of the pink bullet casings.

The barn that this couple made was absolutely perfect for the day. It was beautifully decorated (including a stunning chandelier hanging from the ceiling). The ceremony was beautiful and was followed by family photos and portraits. 

The skies were dark but the rain held off for the most part with the fading light we snapped the last few shots of the happy couple before we entered the reception.

The couple shared their first dance under the now falling mist. The canopy made up of thousands of twinkle lights combined with the rain made for some of my favorite first dance photos ever!

The night escalated to an amazing party with guests dancing, chatting around the bar area that was built into their barn (How jealous are all of you right now?), enjoying some home made pie or ice cream sundaes or freshly grilled sliders in the courtyard, and of course the photobooth. The booths tent was blown apart in the rain that fell the night before, but some last minute repairs made it work, and boy was it fun.

Just before Eva and I headed out the couple wanted to take a few photos in the dark. The two planned out a few spots ahead of time knowing that I love to take those backlit “glowing” images. We made our way out to the lane way of trees that now had LED lights lining the way. The evening fog that had come in after the rain made for some photos that I’m not sure I could ever recreate.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to cap off such an awesome day and shoot. Brittney and Adam... You two are awesome!

Thank you for having me be part of your day. Congratulations once again!

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flower girl in salon

flower girl's hair styling

bride opens present at salon

bride's nails

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bride under hair dryer at slaon

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attaching the veil

bride with braided hair and veil

lantern lights

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first dance outside under lights

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