Ashley and Aaron: the weather network

Ashley and Aaron’s wedding day was fun and energetic mixed with a little bit of rain. OK that might be understating it. It rained but that did not hold this bride, groom and wedding party back!

Ashley and Aaron planned their wedding ceremony to take place in a town named Stevensville. The small town is where the couple owned their first home. It was a neat experience for me as the couple were married in the church where I shot my first wedding ever!

The morning started off with the girls at the salon. It was a great bunch to hangout with! It was great to see Ashley and one of her bridesmaids Melissa.  A few month later I would shoot her wedding too! (soon on the blog)

The morning was filled with laughs and a few glances out the window and at the weather radar screen. The girls finished their preparations at the firehall which gave ample opportunity for some great and unique detail shots! The fire engine worked perfectly with the bridesmaids dresses!

After the ceremony we shot the family photos outside of the church. During this time a few sprinkles started to fall. I thought that the precipitation was going to stay light and that we could get a few photos outdoors at a nearby park... we tried.... I was wrong, although we did end up with a few nice shots outside in front of Mather’s Arch!

We finished up the portrait session at Niagara Falls View Casino. The large glass enclosed Rotund made for a perfect warm and dry spot for the photos! We even managed a few more outdoor shots when the weather broke a bit!

The evening capped off at Delphi Banquet Hall in Niagara Falls. It was a lively affair filled with great stories, some amazing dance moves and a pants-less groomsmen (most memorable reception entrance yet I think).

Congratulations to Aaron and Ashley! So happy for you!

Bride's make-up

hair preparation Niagara Wedding Photographer

bridal party hair and make-up

bridal party make-up

bridal party make-up

bridal party during hair and make-up

bridal dress on fire truck

bridal gown

bridal party dresses on fire truck

red bridesmaid dress hung on fire engine

red bridal shoes

red bridal shoes on fire truck platform

bridal bouquet in fall colors

fall color bridal bouquet

bridal bouquet on fire truck hose Niagara Wedding Photographer

fall color bridal bouquet on fire truck platform

bride holding fall colored bouquet

bride's necklace

bride with fall bouquet

bride with fire truck in background

bride and bouquet

bride and pet dog

fall coloured flower arrangement at church

wedding guests

bridal party entrance at church

groom anticipates brides entrance at church

wedding at Stevensville United Brethren Church

bride and groom at church

bride and groom exchange vows

bride signs register

bride and groom greeted outside church

groom with parents

wedding party at Mather's Arch

bride and groom at Mather's Arch Fort Erie

Niagara Wedding Photographer

bride and groom

Wedding party in red white and black

bride with bridal party in red dresses with fall colored flowers

groom and groomsmen

groom and ushers

bride and bridesmaid

wedding party leaning on casino railing in atrium

bride and ushers Niagara Wedding Photogrpaher

bride and groom kissing and walk-way

bride sitting on steps fall coloured bouquet

bride and groom sitting on steps fall accents

bride and groom portrait Niagara Wedding Photographer

bride with bridal party with fall colors

bride and groom kissing under umbrella with fall colored trees in background

bride and groom under umbrella with fall colored folliage in background

bride and groom walking in the rain fall folliage Niagara Wedding Photographer

groom portrait

bride portrait

wedding rings

reception hall with red colours

table favors

red and white chair covers

head table with red accents

cupcake with orange icing

wedding cupcakes

wedding party entrance to reception

bride at reception

bride at reception Niagara Wedding Photographer

groom at reception

wedding reception speech

groom's speech

first dance

bride and groom first dance

Niagara Wedding Photographer

Father Daughter dance

Mother Son Dance

Bridal Bouquet toss

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