Becca and Scott: won’t take snow for an answer

Some shoots are fun, some are adventurous, and some can seem a bit crazy at the time. Scott and Becca’s engagement shoot definitely fell into all three but most of all fun.  Becca and Scott definitely helped make it fun.

I woke up the morning of their engagement shoot and it was snowing. Really snowing; like really, really snowing. Now I’m a good ol’ hockey playing Canadian boy and driving in snow doesn’t bother me a whole lot....but it was snowing in St. Catharines and the shoot was in Goderich. For those of you who don’t know where that is.... to put it in perspective: St. Catharines is on the shores of Lake Ontario and Goderich is on the shores of Lake Huron. After making a few phone calls ensuring that it wasn’t snowing as heavily all the way to our destination, I set off to see this awesome couple.

Eventually the snow subsided and I made it safe and sound to the beautiful town that Scott grew up in. I had only passed through Goderich once or twice before but I knew it would be a great spot for a shoot. Becca looked great and made sure that the couple looked wintery in their nice cozy sweaters. Any other day and they would have been warm. Today it was -17 Celsius (1 degree Fahrenheit) before the windchill. The couple was ready and willing for anything...including braving the intense cold.

So we set off around Goderich to photograph at several spots throughout the town. The town’s charm was only outdone by the couple. I enjoyed getting to know them a little better and hearing stories of how they first met and Scott’s travels as a chef!

Our shoot broke down into many mini shoots, shooting for 5-10 minutes and then warming up in our cars. There wasn’t much else we could do to survive the bitter cold other than curse underneath our breath.  Our last outdoor location was on an old train trestle turned into a walking path. The sun was getting low and the wind was rabid...needless to say it... was...cold. I can’t believe Becca and Scott made it through. I had the luxury of a giant winter coat, a toque and large boots to keep me warm.

Their engagement shoot finished off at the gorgeous Benmiller Inn & Spa. Scott got his culinary start at the restaurant, so it was a great to tie it into what was already a great shoot. We warmed up by the fire and managed to snap a few photos in between some adult beverages. We finished up with a few more outdoor photos as the darkness fell.

This shoot was awesome from start to finish. I really enjoyed working with Becca and Scott.  I can’t wait for their wedding day! (hopefully it’s a bit warmer) I hope you enjoy these selections from the day!

engagement shoot in snow red door

couple in embrace  with Christmas pines in foreground

Christmas Engagement shoot Niagara Wedding Photographer

couple dressed in white engagement shoot in winter

Niagara wedding photographer engagement shoot

engagement shoot in white

couple kissing in front of downtown movie theatre

couple kissing on bench in snow

couple beside train cars in snow

couple beside train cars dressed in white

couple at Goderich train station

couple at Goderich train station

couple posed in front of door of Goderich train station

black & white photo couple on wooden railed bridge

Niagara Wedding Photographer Engagement shoot

couple sitting in front wood slat buiding in the snow

Niagara Wedding Photographer Engagement shoot

couple in white engagement shoot

couple in front of red doors

engagement ring in black & white

engagement ring set on rocks in snow

couple kissing  on leather chairs candle in foreground

couple kissing in background wine glasses and candle in foreground

 couple kissing with fireplace in background Engagement shoot

couple relaxing on sofa fireplace in background

couple sitting in front of fireplace wine glasses and candle in foreground

couple through circular window Niagara wedding photographer engagement shoot

Niagara Wedding Photographer Engagement shoot

couple on circular fire escape at night

couple kissing on circular fire escape with iscles from roof

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